Flight Attendant Interview Tips

airplaine at airport featured

One of the most important parts of the hiring process in the flight attendant industry is the interview. Since qualifications don’t play a major role, they use the interview to judge your interpersonal skills and then accordingly decide whether they want to hire you. So how can one manage to impress the interviewers in such a situation? Here are some interview tips for aspiring flight attendants.

Be well groomed

One of the most important duties of an air hostess or host is to look appealing. Remember to be well dressed for the interview. Women can wear a business suit or a dress whereas men should choose to wear a suit (try to avoid bright colors). The jacket, however, is optional. Make sure you are looking your best. Ladies, do not put too much makeup. Ensure everything, your nails, your hair, your teeth, is tidy.

Show how polite you are

As an air host or hostess, you are expected to be polite no matter what the situation is. You are never supposed to lose your cool. As you enter the interview room, ask before you take a seat. Try to refer to your interviewers as sir or ma’am. If you want to ask a question, ask if you can do so. Give due respect to everyone present there. Before leaving, remember to thank them for their time.

Make sure to smile

As mentioned before, looking appealing and being polite are some of the most important duties as a flight attendant. You want your passengers to remember you and feel at ease during the flight. So, try to smile no matter what you are doing. Seem enthusiastic towards everything. Similarly, during the interview, keep an optimistic outlook and be cheerful. Show your excitement and enthusiasm to become a flight attendant in the tone of your voice and answers.

Punctuality goes a long way

Nowadays, all airlines want to make sure that they arrive and depart on time. To do this they need the help of punctual and efficient air hostesses and air hosts. Show your sense of time by arriving on time or a bit early for the interview. Answer all their answers in a precise yet concise manner to show that you are efficient. Simple things like an organized docket of all your files and letters will show that you are meant for such a job.

Know the answers to common interview questions

The interview for the position of a flight attendant isn’t as scary as that of a police officer. However, they do grill you on your interpersonal and social skills. You better be prepared to answer these questions without taking up too much time. Here are some the questions that you may be asked during the interview

  • How will you work with a colleague who you do not like or trust?
  • Have you ever resolved a conflict between two passengers? How?
  • How do you deal with unruly passengers who do not want to put on their seatbelts?
  • Have you directly interacted with the customers before in your prior job?
  • What kind of qualities do you feel a flight attendant should have?
  • Why do you want to be a flight attendant?

Some of these questions may seem simple, but they somehow the answers just don’t come out in the interview due to all the pressure. The easiest solution is to write down the answers to all these questions. Before the interview give them a quick read and then answer with your natural flow. This will ensure that you don’t make mistakes which in turn will reflect on your confidence.

These tips shall give you the arsenal that you need get your interviewers to say “You’re Hired!” on the spot! Good luck and see you on the next flight!